How To Retire - A Practical Guide As You Countdown To Retirement

In this prequel to the first book, Olivia suggests how it’s possible to create a plan which can be followed by anyone preparing for their retirement, no matter what their age, in order to gain the best chance of achieving the desired income requirements. It’s never too soon or too late to start planning your retirement strategy!

Olivia tackles difficult issues that tend to intimidate people the most such as:

  • How to work out when you can retire
  • How much money you will need in retirement
  • How much money you need to save to be able to retire
  • What different investment methods are available
  • How to prepare emotionally

With handy questionnaires, checklists and a Retirement Master Plan to follow, this book will inspire you to take control of your retirement destiny!

How To Retire is available to purchase on Kindle and in Paperback format.

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