About Olivia

A retired hotel front desk manager, Olivia Greenwell has now successfully achieved her long-term personal goal of becoming a published author. Residing in Tampa, Florida she enjoys spending her days going for long walks with her little dog Sammy, discovering a new love for baking, working on her writing projects and spending time with her two grand children.

Olivia’s favorite thing to do is watch the sunset from the beach while reflecting on the day just spent and making plans for the next day.

Having published her first book So You’ve Retired? A Practical Guide For Your Happy Retirement in 2016, Olivia then published the prequel How To Retire - A Practical Guide As You Countdown To Retirement, in early 2017.

In July 2018 Olivia made a bundle of her two books available for purchase on Kindle and Paperback. This was aptly titled Retirement: Everything You Need To Know About Planning For And Living The Retired Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of.

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